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ATG 5 Trading Robot, how much does it cost and is it profitable?!

When discussing the topic of trading, what comes to everyone's mind is how to get as much profit as possible. On the one hand, maybe you also think about the complexity of the analysis and it is very boring if you have to watch the market all day long.

Well, have you ever thought about using a Trading Robot? If you are still confused to decide, you can read this review as a reference. One of the functions of a trading robot is to learn algorithms from technical analysis.

Then, the robot will open buy and sell according to the results of the analysis automatically. Trading robots are not in the form of robots, but in the form of software. To be clear, here is a review of the ATG trading robot.

Get to know the ATG 5 Trading Robot

AutoTrade Gold 4.0 is an experienced trading robot created by PT. Sarana Digital Futures International (SDFI). PT SDFI offers trading services with the best system through people who are experts in this field.

The development of AutoTrade Gold 4.0 uses extraordinary indicators and methods to be able to generate consistent profits. Buying a trading robot does require a lot of money. Because the robot they created to help you make a profit in trading.

How the ATG 5 Trading Robot Works

Then, how does the ATG 5 trading robot work in generating profits? This trading robot uses logic that has high accuracy. So as to be able to generate consistent profits. Even the manufacture is adjusted to the existing market conditions.

The way the ATG Trading robot works applies to single positions. Where you can only use the robot in one type of currency, namely XAU / USD. The profit target you can get ranges from 0.5% to 3% per day.

And for stop loss when experiencing a loss is 3%. After the first trading process using the robot is completed, whatever the result, whether it is loss or profit. Trading activity will continue on the following day.

ATG 5 Trading Robot Price

Reportedly, trading robots are able to drain the buyer's wallet. However, there are also some people who call it cheap. Because they invest more capital. As a result, the profits they get are huge.

So the price of the robot is not proportional to the trading profit they enjoy. How much does ATG Trading Robot cost? The price of ATG robots ranges from 1.8 million to 41.5 million with different capacities. The more expensive the price, the greater the trading capacity.

For ATG level 1 for 1.8 million has a trading capacity of 100-500 $ with autocompound 0.01 – 0.05 Lot. While the highest level is level 4 with a price of 41.5 million has a capacity of 100 - 1000000 $ with autocompond 0.01-100 Lot.

Reasons for Choosing ATG 5 Robot

Why should you choose an ATG robot? here are some reasons to choose this robot for trading.

1.Consistent monthly profit

The ATG robot is able to generate consistent profits in the range of 10% – 25%. per month lol. With this result you may be able to predict approximately how much profit you will get from the capital you invest.

2.Free of charge

In general, you have to pay a monthly fee. Through the ATG robot you will get lifetime service. That means, you don't have to pay the fee.

3.Fast and Automated Transactions

The ATG robot with its good technology will provide fast and automated transactions. ATG offers a maximum transaction of 3 minutes. With this automatic feature, you no longer have to watch the market for hours.

How to Register ATG 5 Trading Robot

For friends who are interested and curious about the sophistication of the AutoTrade Gold 5.0 gold trading robot, you can immediately follow the steps as follows:

Purchase and activate Robot AutoTrade Gold 5.0 on the Pansaka page

After the transaction process is successful, you will get a Robot Activation number.

To get a trading account at PantheraTrade, you can go directly to the PantheraTrade page (if you are still confused, please contact the ATG Admin number via WA 0813-4535-0112)

The trading account activation process is a maximum of 3×24 hours after being registered.

Once the account is active, traders will be included in WAG Support.

The process of depositing funds can be done when the account in PantheraTrade has been activated.

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