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Cherrys Three Mechanical Switch Keyboard Reviews - VermaNotes

VermaNotes - Cherry, this brand can be said to be iconic, or very prominent in its field.  This company is quite an old company, founded in 1953, or almost 70 years ago!  Initially, Cherry produced sensors and various components for electronics and automotive.  However, at this time they are actually known in a field that is quite different from what they offered at the beginning, namely input devices for computers.

According to the information on the company's history page on the official website, Cherry has been producing keyboards since 1973!  Yes, this is one, or perhaps the oldest manufacturer of computer input devices still operating today!

Cherry keyboard review

If you see that Cherry has been producing keyboards for about 48 years and is still competing today, there is something special about the keyboard.  And, now Cherry has also arrived through their official distributor in Indonesia, and coincidentally, the Jagat Review team has tried three keyboard devices from Cherry, including:

  •  G80-3000 S TKL
  •  Cherry MX Board 3.0 S RGB
  •  Cherry MX 10.0 RGB
  •  Intrigued by the three keyboards made by Cherry, see the full review below:

Cherry Keyboard with Mechanical Switch

The three Cherry keyboards that we reviewed are mechanical keyboards, or keyboards whose keys use special mechanical switches.  Unlike the “regular” keyboard which uses a membrane which is generally made of rubber with a very simple construction, the switches in this mechanical keyboard consist of several components that are designed in such a way that they form a switch that has a distinctive character.

When a keyboard key with a mechanical switch is pressed, a more "definite" and "deep" feel will be felt, which is usually directly related to the user's satisfaction with using the keyboard.

Since the 1980s, Cherry has been producing their own mechanical switches for keyboards, known as Cherry MX.  Initially, these switches were only used specifically for their own keyboard.  However, after some time, these Cherry MX switches were offered for use in keyboards made by other brands.  Currently, Cherry MX switches can be said to be the most popular, most widely used, and of course they are still used for various variants of Cherry's own keyboard, including the three keyboards we tested this time.

Cherry MX switches themselves are known for their high quality and give keyboards using them an advantage, especially when compared to membrane keyboards:

Cherry keyboard review

Very consistent feel for all keys on the keyboard.  Keyboards generally use the same type of Cherry MX switches for most of the keys, so the feel you feel when pressing one key will be consistent with the other keys.

The high durability of Cherry MX switches makes long-term use possible for mechanical keyboards with these switches, with a feel of use that has remained relatively unchanged even after years of use.

Because they use high-quality switches made by themselves, the three keyboards we tried can certainly offer the advantages we mentioned earlier.  OK, let's take a closer look at each of these keyboards.  For the record, all of these keyboards offer features that are commonly sought from gaming keyboards in today's era, such as Full N-Key Rollover, Anti-Ghosting, Win Key Lockout.  All three also use MX Key Technology.

Cherry G80-3000 S TKL

The first keyboard that we will discuss is a "derivative" of the legendary Cherry keyboard, the G80-3000 which has been in production since 1988. The G80-3000 S TKL keyboard is called Cherry, some of the more compact variants.  Apart from the TKL/Ten Key Less design, aka not equipped with a numpad, the compact size is also obtained by closing the distance between several keys, and using a compact casing/shell.

Cherry G80-3000 S TKL keyboard review

  •  Corded Keyboard, with USB interface
  •  Number of Keys/Keys: 87 + 1 Additional Key (Cherry Key)
  •  Dimensions: 350 x 140 x 36 mm
  •  Weight: +/- 636 grams
  •  Color Variants: Black & White
  •  Backlight Variants: Unlit/NBL (No Back Light) and RGB
  •  Mechanical Switch Variants: MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Red
  •  Key Cap: abrasion-resistant, lasered inscription

In general, the G80-3000 S TKL is designed for those looking for a keyboard with a classic look, with a compact size that doesn't take up much space on the desk, and doesn't have a problem with not having a numpad.

Cherry MX Board 3.0 S RGB

Next, there is the Cherry MX Board 3.0 S RGB which Cherry calls a high-performance keyboard wrapped in gaming style – high quality extruded aluminum housing.

Cherry MX Board 3.0s keyboard review

This keyboard comes with a numpad, but because of its fairly tight design, this keyboard can be said to have dimensions that are still fairly compact.  Cherry equips this keyboard with 4 rubber feet so that this keyboard sticks to the table more stable and doesn't slide easily.  One thing that is interesting, the special design of Cherry makes this keyboard has no bolts at all.

Corded Keyboard, with detachable cable and USB interface

  •  Number of Keys/Keys: 104 + 5 Additional Keys (including Cherry Keys)
  •  Dimensions: 430 x 140 x 36 mm
  •  Weight: +/- 1025 grams
  •  Color Variants: Black, White, Pink
  •  Backlight Variants: Unlit/NBL (No Back Light), Single Color, and RGB
  •  Mechanical Switch Variants: MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Red, MX Silent Red

Key Cap: abrasion-resistant;  front lasered inscription for black, double-shot inscription for white and pink.  Yes, so the black color variant, the writing on the keycap is on the front wall, not above as usual.

This Cherry MX Board 3.0 S RGB is a keyboard that is suitable for those who are looking for a full size keyboard, in the sense that it is equipped with a numpad, which still feels compact, and carries a contemporary design.

Cherry MX 10.0

This is a keyboard that has its own charm, because it is thin but still uses Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Cherry MX 10.0 keyboard keyboard review

Yes, this keyboard comes with a switch called Cherry MX Low Profile, which allows for a thinner keyboard than a mechanical keyboard with traditional Cherry MX switches, without losing the characteristic Cherry MX mechanical switches on the keyboard.

The keyboard is also designed with a more modern look, with an aluminum housing and automatic foldable mounting feet.

  • Corded Keyboard, with detachable USB Type C cable
  • Number of Keys/Keys: 104 + 5 Additional Keys (including Cherry Keys)
  • Dimensions: 430 x 130 x 22 mm
  • Weight: +/- 960 grams
  • Color Variants: Black, White/Silver
  • Backlight Variant: RGB
  • Mechanical Switch Variant: MX LP Red
  • Key Cap: abrasion-resistant;  lasered inscription

One thing that is interesting, this Cherry MX 10.0 sales package is equipped with a carrying case which of course can help us in carrying this keyboard on a trip.  This keyboard is suitable for those who are looking for a thin mechanical keyboard, with a fairly attractive design.  Unfortunately, there is currently no TKL variant of this thin keyboard.

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