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How to Activate Dark Mode / Latest WhatsApp Dark Mode 2022 - VermaNotes

VermaNotes - After being present a few months ago which is still a beta version, WhatsApp's dark mode has finally announced and inaugurated the presence of the dark mode for users of the non-beta version of the WhatsApp Android or iOS chat application.

The dark mode is the most awaited by its users, because it is very pleasing to the eye and does not hurt the eyes.

The giant social media company WhatsApp has finally inaugurated 'dark mode' in the special WhatsApp application on your non-beta Android SmartPhone.

Announced on its official blog, the WhatsApp company said the dark mode was aimed at reducing the impact of eye strain in very low light environments. There are 2 types that make the WhatsApp company focus on making dark mode in the giant WhatsApp chat application.

The main thing is about reading, the color that the giant company has chosen is a color that can also not make the eyes tired. The color of the dark mode on WhatsApp is also said to be similar to the dark theme on the Android and iOS default systems.

"We do this by using color and design elements to ensure the most important information stands out," said a WhatsApp company official in an official blog, compiled by, on Wednesday (4/9/2021).

How to activate it is also very easy, and first make sure your WhatsApp chat application is already using version 2.20.64 (Android) and 2.20.30 (iOS), if you haven't used that version, please update it first on your Playstore/AppStore Smartphone.

Well, if you can't wait to feel the sensation of time using WhatsApp dark mode in the WA chat application, see the tutorial below:

Tricks to Activate Dark Mode / Dark Mode WA

After updating to the latest version you can immediately activate this feature via the "Settings" > "Chat" > and "Themes" menu.

When you are on the "Theme" menu, please press the dark/dark mode option and immediately press "OK" to activate the latest features of the WhatsApp chat application.

Some time later, your WA chat application will immediately change to WhatsApp dark mode / dark mode.

Okay, that's all for this article and see you in the next article.

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