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How to create a fake Email account easily - VermaNotes

VermaNotes - On May 3,2021, I received a question about the book Event Registration Information System With PHP For Thesis Guide.  According to the sender (whom I can't name), the fake email list test didn't work even though the configuration for fake email in the php.ini file and sendmail.ini file was followed according to the book.

What is a fake email?  OK .. fake email is a fake email account that was created specifically for trying to send email to the intended email.  In its implementation, this experiment does not need to be connected to the internet network, it is enough with a local server (localhost) that email can be sent and received properly by the email client.

This method is widely used by website developers who require / use the process of sending email in their website design.  At the design stage of the delivery debungging testing process this can be easily done because it does not need to be connected to the internet.  This is called a fake email.

The configuration steps have actually been included in the Event Registration Information System book in Chapter 2, starting from the Mercury settings, the php.ini file, the sendmail.ini file, to the Thunderbird configuration which is used as a mail server.

Just a reminder that the configuration for fake email is not only in the php.ini file and the sendmail.ini file.  To be able to use fake email, activate Mercury on the XAMPP server.

Next do the configuration by clicking the Admin button on the XAMPP control panel for Mercury so that a window will be displayed as shown in the image below.

In the display as shown above, select the Configuration menu and then select Manage local users.  Add a user/user account by clicking the Add button in the image below.

Then fill in the Username, Personal name, and Mail password fields.

Username: fill in the username, for example verma.

Personal name: fill in the name of the fake email account complete with the local server domain (@localhost), for example verma@localhost.

Mail password: fill in the password for the fake email account.

Then click OK and close all Mercury configuration windows, Mercury will automatically be disabled from the XAMPP control panel.  Click Start again to activate Mercury, in this case Mercury asks to be restarted so that the configuration can be used.

Don't forget, in the sendmail.ini file, look for the force_sender line and fill it with one of the fake email accounts that you want to use as an email server account (sender from the system).

The next step is to configure the fake email account that has been created into the Thunderbird application.  What are the stages of configuration, please follow the guide in the book Event Registration Information System With PHP For Thesis Guide.

Hope it is useful..

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