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How to Overcome the Gadget Addiction You're Experiencing - VermaNotes

Currently, gadgets are one of the things that cannot be far from the hands of many people.  Because with gadgets we can dig up information, serve as a place of expression so that we can use it as a field to make money.

But besides all that, there are so many people who spend a lot of time just because of this one electronic item.  Even to the point of forgetting work and the people closest to him just because he is too serious with gadgets.

There is nothing wrong with using gadgets.  But if you get addicted or can't stay away from gadgets, this is very dangerous for you.  Here are 7 ways that you can overcome gadget addiction.

1. Increase socialization with friends and closest people

Go on a trip or just hang out with your closest friends.  Because if you are always alone, then in the end, you can't be away from your gadget and you can't be away from this one electronic item.

When hanging out with friends.  Try not to hold the gadget, let alone to be too focused on the gadget to forget the presence of your friends.

2. Turn off gadgets 30 minutes before bed

If before bed you have a habit of playing the cellphone.  So from now on you have to throw this habit away so you can get away from cellphone addiction.

Turn off your cell phone about 30 minutes or 1 hour before you go to sleep.  It also serves so that you can sleep quickly and come back refreshed in the morning.

3. Remove some apps that make you addicted

Everyone must have one or maybe more, on the cellphone or gadget that you play most often.  If the application does not provide much benefit for you, you better delete the application.

4. Provide a time limit for using gadgets

Try to set a time limit when you play on your phone.  For example, you may not use gadgets at certain times.  Like when you are gathering in the family room, eating together, working or also on a date with your partner.

5. Gadgets are replaced with books

Reading books will certainly provide many more benefits than just playing with your cellphone at the wrong time.  Find the type of book that you like and get as much knowledge as possible from the books you read.

6. Keep your gadgets in your bag when you're traveling

If you don't really need a cellphone when you're traveling.  It would be nice to keep your phone in your bag or backpack.  This is done so that you don't check the notifications on your cellphone a little bit and so that you can overcome cellphone addiction.

7. Knowing the impact of gadget addiction

Try using your gadget to find information about the dangers of gadget addiction.  It is guaranteed that if you already know a lot about the dangers, you must think twice about playing gadgets too often.

Well, once you know how.  It's time to do the ways above so you can overcome addiction from gadgets.

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