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YouTube will become the short video giant and beat Tiktok!

The YouTube company is currently rumored to be looking to create an app to compete with TikTok.  Tiktok is a video sharing platform that is currently viral among young people in Indonesia.

The application from the YouTube company will be given the name Shorts, according to information circulating, the Shorts also allow the ability to upload short videos accompanied by music, very similar to the TikTok application.

In the future, YouTube will support the entire licensed music catalog in the YouTube Music world for this new app.

At this time, YouTube has not confirmed this news issue, but other leaks say that the competitor application TikTok is ready to be published in the near future.

The steps taken by the YouTube company are said to be inseparable from the viral TikTok application in recent months.  Therefore, it makes sense that the service owned by Google comes in the same form.

Information from APP Annie really shows that in the past two years the increase in using the TikTok application has increased to 125 percent and has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times.

If this information is correct, it means that this is not the first time Google's service has developed features that are very much inspired by its competitors' services.  The video sharing platform has also launched the Story feature which is also included in the Instagram feature.

Not only YouTube, it turns out that Facebook is also informed that it is also developing an application that is a competitor to TikTok which is made very similar to TikTok.  The giant social media company even wanted to test the application called Lasso.

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