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5 Most Popular Online Android Games To Play - VermaNotes

Vermanotes - Android is a repository of several quality games that many Indonesian people know. You can get most types of games on Android, from puzzle games to adventure games. Various games that present a very good game and fight.

The game systems offered also vary from offline to online. If in the past you could only play games alone on smartphones, now we can play together with other players around the world.

Game populer

Online android games are now the game of choice for all people in the world, even to play the game players do not need to pay at all, in other words it is free.

This online game will connect us with millions of other players around the world. We can compare scores, compete one on one, or compete with several players at once in a game.

5 Most Popular Online Android Games To Play

Playing online android games is not always about spending time, but playing games can practice your ability to solve problems, gain new knowledge, practice creativity and make you never give up. The happiest of playing android games online is that it offers gameplay features with multiplayer.

Multiplayer is a game feature where players can interact with each other so that the activity of playing games becomes more interactive and more fun to play together.

1. Ragnarok X Next Generation

Online Android Game The very first recommendation is Ragnarok X Next Generation as the newest Ragnarok series, when this game was launched, ragnarok lovers were very excited about this.

In terms of gameplay, this online android game will prioritize an MMORPG type game, however the basic jobs of the Ragnarok series such as Swordman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, Archer, and Merchant will still be maintained by this one game.

In terms of graphics, this game has a 3D appearance with attractive visuals, besides that a number of PVE and PVP features are certain to come in the game Ragnarok X Next Generation.

2. Guardians of Cloudia

A new Open World MMORPG game full of exciting obstacles and obstacles and quests for you to explore. This online android game brings 5 ​​jobs that you can define, starting from Archer, Swordsman, Oracle, Mage, and Rogue.

Each job, of course, has its own abilities and uniqueness. This game has various features that are loved by online mobile android game players is that there is no auto feature coupled with various capabilities. So that the game will be fair for all players who play in this game.

3. Super Brawl Universe

Super Brawl Universe is a Fighting game among Nickelodeon characters. If you are a Nickelodeon fan, you are no stranger to the characters in this game.

This one online android game is really suitable for children to play, of course this game is also free from pornography so it is safe to be played by children of all ages. Each character has their own attack character which is definitely not boring. This game has a size of 321 MB however, it is still smooth to play on a 2 GB RAM HP.

4. Gangster City Android Game

Gangster City is an online android game with a display that is perfect for children to play. by telling about the role of a policeman and targeting some criminals who are in the city. The size of the memory required is also very small, namely 43 MB, of course this game will not burden your cellphone.

5. Raid Masters Online – BOSS RAID

Raid Master Online as an online multiplayer android game released on android and iOS. Players are tasked with making an expedition together with other players in three-man teams to kill boss monsters. There are many characters named masters that you can build, with their own skills.

This game is really suitable for those of you who like MMORPG games and are interested in raiding bosses together with other players for hunting equipment and EXP.

Those are the 5 online android games that we recommend, actually there are a lot of games on Android, but here we only summarize very popular games that can be played in a cool way. Hopefully this article can help you find the game you want.

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