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The best tech news in 2021! - VermaNotes

VermaNotes - The market of new technologies constantly surprises us with new products, often we do not even think that a given device could exist, and it is already entering the market.

While we have been thinking about buying a new phone or laptop for a few months, a few improved versions have already made their way onto the market and the option we initially thought about seems obsolete a moment later. In the multitude of new products, it is sometimes difficult to catch something more interesting, so in this post we have prepared for you a list of noteworthy devices that entered or will enter the market in 2021. 

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1. iOS 15

IPhone fans will surely be pleased to hear about the next version of the operating system, i.e. iOS 15, which was announced on June 7 at WWDC 2021 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). The development version is now available, and the final version of the system, available for every user, can probably be expected around the fall. During the pandemic, demand for specific phone features grew, and Apple took that into account. The number of videoconferences has increased significantly, which is why there have been changes in FaceTime. One of the most important changes is the feature that allows iPhone owners to make FaceTime calls with Android and Windows users. Apple also tried to improve the sound quality of calls by adding Spatial Audio to FaceTime.Work is also underway on a mode to help identify and reduce background noise. For people working remotely, this will be an undoubted advantage. In addition, the iPhone extends the extremely useful possibilities of the digital wallet, in addition to payment cards and tickets, it will also be possible to keep home or car keys in it.

2. iPhone 13

Apple is also releasing four new smartphone models this year, the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 mini . The premiere of the new iPhone is one of the most important events when it comes to smartphones and is scheduled for September / October. In the next iPhone, a smaller notch in the screen , called a notch , was expected , and in fact in the new model it will be 8.4 mm smaller, which will allow more information to appear in the notification bar. Changes will also appear in the camera, it is planned to use a brighter, compared to previous models, wide-angle lens. The cameras are also to be characterized by better stabilization. Smartphones Of course, they will have more improvements, but for now some of them are presumptions and it is not known which models will contain individual functions, but we will find out soon, because in September!

3. MyQ Pet Portal

If you are a dog owner and you live in a cottage, the above invention will surely interest you. Often, when letting the dog to the garden, we have to close and open the door every now and then, when he wants to come back for a moment, just to go out again. It can be a bit of a pain, especially when we work remotely and have meetings. In this situation, the market met the needs of consumers and in 2021 the entrance door with a barely visible entrance for dogs in the lower part was premiered. The door is equipped with a Bluetooth sensor and, in conjunction with the collar, the dog section opens automatically when the animal signals to enter or exit. The owner can also open them using a special application. There is also a built-in webcamwhich allows you to check if everything is okay with your pet when, for example, you are away from home.

4. Refrigerator with HarmonyOS

The company Midea presented an intelligent refrigerator, which first has a system HarmonyOS Huawei. This invention can significantly facilitate the daily planning of meals and reduce food waste. The system informs us about the freshness of the products that we keep in the refrigerator, and also, based on the ingredients that are available, tells us what dish we can prepare from them. The refrigerator has a special compartment where the temperature is 0 ℃ and the humidity is controlled, which will allow us not to defrost meat, and vegetables and fruit will stay fresh longer.

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